SPD36 Roof

SPD36 is the flagship of In2Structures'€™ Dome Roof Structures, with a massive 32.7m internal width. The SPD36 can accommodate 3 ton loading per arch and additional load arches can be added at 3m intervals giving an additional 5 ton capacity on these arches.

  • The SPD36 Cantilever is an optional addition to the standard MDR36 structure to extend the roof coverage.
  • Clear skins are used to give the structure a view from within.
  • The skins have been offset from the main structure so that ample climbing space is available for rigging.
  • Skins are black on the inside, enabling the structure to host day events with complete black-out.   


Load capacity per arch
Wind speed
Height at apex
Internal width
External width
Dome end diameter
Bay spacing
Anchor detail
Duraskin weight
Duraskin fire retardancy

3000 Kg UDL
120Km/h - 75mph (sea level)
15.8 m to bottom of truss
32.7 m
35.8 m
32.7 m
6m (to required length
6000Kg max for uplift
B 1673 specification

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Dome Advantages

"Efficient cooling and heat extraction designs."

Dome Advantages

"Brandable exterior."

Dome Advantages

"Professional installation and professional service."

Dome Advantages

"Leveling systems for uneven surfaces."