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In2Structures | 50m & 60m MEGA

50m & 60m MEGA Dome

Under development

The MegaDome arch design uses a heavy duty folding truss to optimize container space whilst retaining a load capacity of 3 tons / arch for rigging and wind loading in excess of 120 Km/h.

The bays consist of arches connected with flat trusses at 6m intervals. The Duraskin membranes are installed into aluminium profiles which are raised above the trussing to allow access for rigging. Snow loading arrangements are available for northerly climates.

The structure width is 50 m externally with a clearspan (internal width) of 45,5 m. The length is determined by the number of bays which in this proposal is 15 @ 6 m = 90 m offering a total of 4500 sq / m under cover.

The structural components are manufactured in South Africa using 350/550 Mpa steel which is hot-dip galvanized to BS standard (SABS). The aluminium profiles are made from 6063 grade alloys anodized to 25 micron, to prevent corrosion for coastal conditions. Choice of Swedish steels up to 750 Mpa Yield will improve the strength to weight ratio and allow greater loading, be it for wind or imposed loads.

The Duraskin membranes are produced by Verseidag, Germany who offer a 5 year warranty. These membranes can be utilized for up to 20 years in permanent installations.

The MegaDome is designed with vertical "€œ Flat "€œ ends which can be covered with membranes or solid facings to include aluminium and glass entrances. Flexible positioning of entrances, air conditioning and power distribution allow the venue to operate to the client'€™s requirements. The MegaDome can accommodate many styles of entrance to include automated sliding doors, folding doors or emergency doors with panic bars.

The MegaDome is designed for portability as a touring venue or semi-permanent installations where it can be mounted onto cast foundations with fixed floor, drainage and cable ducting.


Proposed MegaDome site layout with tensile surround structures.

Dome Advantages

"Efficient cooling and heat extraction designs."

Dome Advantages

"Brandable exterior."

Dome Advantages

"Professional installation and professional service."

Dome Advantages

"Leveling systems for uneven surfaces."