16m MIDI Dome

With the Midi Dome, the design team has created a venue that is unique to the event industry and an upmarket alternative to standard A-Frame marquees. The design of the structure allows for greater loading capacity at around the same cost as an A-Frame marquee. Your client and guests will love the structure elements and design possibilities that the Midi Dome provides.

  • With 16m wide arches and almost 8m in height, the Midi Dome is a superior venue choice for your usual marquee functions.


Load capacity per Reinforced Arch
Load capacity per Standard Arch
Wind speed
Height at apex
Internal width
External width
Dome end diameter
Bay spacing
Length *REF
Anchor detail
Duraskin weight
Duraskin fire retardancy
Space Allocated

1000 Kg UDL on Reinforced Load Arches
500 Kg UDL on Standard Arch
100Km/h - 60mph (sea level)
7.9 m to bottom of truss
15.5 m
16 m
15.6 m
4m (to required length)
*REF 6bay – 31m (as required)
2500Kg max for uplift
B 1673 specification
31 m internal (reference) = 456m²
50 m² (stage and control) + 406m² (audience)

Quick Gallery

16m MIDI Dome 1 X Round End with Cantilever

Dome Configuration Dimensions Download the PDF
1 BAY 11 15.5 8 150 16m Midi Dome 1Bay.pdf
2 BAY 15 15,5 8 211 16m Midi Dome 2Bay.pdf
3 BAY 19 15,5 8 272 16m Midi Dome 3Bay.pdf
4 BAY 23 15,5 8 333 16m Midi Dome 4Bay.pdf
5 BAY 27 15,5 8 395 16m Midi Dome 5Bay.pdf
6 BAY 31 15,5 8 456 16m Midi Dome 6Bay.pdf

Dome Advantages

"Efficient cooling and heat extraction designs."

Dome Advantages

"Brandable exterior."

Dome Advantages

"Professional installation and professional service."

Dome Advantages

"Leveling systems for uneven surfaces."