Portable Temporary Structures

In2Structures is a specialist design and manufacturing company, producing custom designed, portable venues in South Africa, for hire or sale.

The In2Structures Domes differ greatly from conventional aluminium framed structures such as marquees, due to their ability to withstand large imposed loads such as suspended equipment and high wind pressures. These structures offer an apex height equal to half their width and demonstrate exceptional safety factors.

Our Dome venues offer an alternative solution to conventional arena venues at a fraction of the cost. All structural elements are manufactured to the highest standards from high tensile steel which uses (hot dip) galvanizing to prevent corrosion.

The "Duraskin" outer membranes are supplied by Verseidag (Germany) and installed using the Keder method of drawing Duraskin through the aluminium extrusions (RSA), ensuring a water tight seal over the entire structure. The membrane covering is extended above the structure to allow easy access for rigging of technical and set elements as well as a range of other suspension requirements.

Duraskin is available in various colours including white external / black internal and white / white with blockout and has a 5 - 10 year life dependant on the U.V. zone. Clear membranes are also available (for short term use only).

Combining movability with great aesthetics and flexibility, these versatile spaces can be configured in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit your needs and application simply by adding additional "bays" along the length of the structure.

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